The caring mother dog and her pups saved the life of an abandoned baby keeping her warm all night…

It was late December, and Chhatisgarh, India, was the location.

The newborn infant, who was so tiny even her umbilical cord was still connected, had been abandoned.

The infant’s prospects of survival were extremely low since she lacked clothing and sustenance.

But what followed was truly miraculous. The newborn was found in the field by a mother dog who had just given birth to her pups.

She made the choice to move her puppies closer to the child’s location.

They allowed the toddler to remain warm and make it through the chilly night.

Fortunately, the townspeople heard the child’s cries the following day, and when they got to the scene, they discovered her sleeping with the pups.

In a sense, the dogs had taken in this abandoned child as one of their own.

The infant would not have been able to live if it weren’t for these puppies and their mother.

The fact that this infant lived through a such extreme cold is nothing short of a miracle. The things that people saw and experienced astounded and horrified them.

They instantly alerted the health authorities and brought the infant to the hospital for the required examination.

The ChildLine Project, a charity that aids children in need, was later linked to the infant.

The baby’s parents, who abandoned her so brutally, are now wanted by the police.

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