The cat sadly looked at the people, sitting in a shelter cage

A cat named Lily has already been taken to the shelter twice. Both owners did not like her behavior, and Lily turned out to be useless to anyone. She sadly looked at the owners, who once again handed her over to the shelter, and did not understand what was the matter.

A cat named Lily was brought to the Hamilton Animal Services shelter in Ontario, Canada. The owners left her at the shelter because the cat was “naughty” and went to the toilet past the tray. Before that, she had other owners who also gave her to a shelter because she did not get along with their second cat.

Lily had suffered a lot and was shy and modest. Shelter volunteers took her in for overexposure. At first, she was a little afraid of everything around, but soon she became kinder and began to freely ask for caresses from her guardians.

This kitty is very sweet, affectionate, and calm. She loves attention, quickly learns new things, so her guardians immediately weaned her bad habit of going to the toilet past the tray. Lily loves to be in the company of people – and loves to lie on their knees and purr for a long time.

The cat has a problem with being overweight, but now the caretakers are actively working on this, maintaining a balance in feeding the cat, and providing her with more activity.

Now Lily is five years old, and they have already started looking for a new home for her. Guardians hope that very soon this cute cat will find loving owners who will never let her out of their arms. Lily herself is looking forward to it!

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