The cat was kicked out of the house, and he, not believing, sat at the entrance in any weather, waiting for people to wake up conscience …

Alas, people often leave their smaller brothers or even put them out of the door. They may explain this by a change of residence, an unexpected allergy, or simply a cooling off towards their pet.

But the essence is the same: animals pampered by home conditions end up on the street, where they have to fight for survival.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to do this …

This is exactly the situation that happened to the cute cat Felya. For some reason, the former owners cooled off towards him and did not come up with anything better than to drive him out of sight of the house. They didn’t care at all how the cat’s life would be arranged after their act.

Felya was taken aback and could not believe what had happened. He decided to sit on a bench at the entrance and wait for the owners to change their anger for mercy and reopen the door to the apartment for him. But these people did not even think about it. They forgot to think about the cat, which, meanwhile, sat hunched over in the cold and rain, and waited, waited …

Once Lena Karsanova passed by. She had her own cat at home, but Felya’s fate touched her heart. She took him to her “for a while”, but could not part with him.

“We were too good with each other,” Elena explains.

Seeing his affection for her and sympathy for her cat, she forever abandoned attempts to attach Felya to someone else’s hands.

The cat will no longer have to survive and be betrayed by its own owners. Elena is ready to take care of him seven days a week!

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