The child of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise has already celebrated his twenty-sixth birthday: what is he doing now?

Connor has chosen a family life for himself.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise legalized their relationship in 1990 and were then considered one of the most romantic couples, but in 2001 their marriage came to an end.

At that time, the couple had two adopted children, Connor and Isabella.

Although their children are already adults, both of them did not become public and famous personalities. There are almost no pictures of them on social networks, although the daughter is already 28, and the son is 26.

However, recently Connor still attracted the attention of subscribers with a new photo on Instagram.

In the photograph, he is holding a huge fish, which, judging by the description, he caught in Costa Rica with his friend.

Judging by the new publication, the man has changed a lot in appearance.

If earlier he was usually clean-shaven and had a toned physique, now Connor has grown a beard, has slightly gained weight, and now seems noticeably older than his age.

Now the man is married to an Italian and lives in Clearwater, which is located in America, in the state of Florida.

Connor has chosen a family life for himself, nothing is known about his work at the moment, but one of his hobbies seems to be fishing.

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