The children did not congratulate the 70-year-old mother on her birthday.Grandma continues to wait for them.

A mute question froze in the eyes of the old woman: “What is she doing here and when will she return home?”

Everyone remembers the day when they brought their grandmother to the nursing home. The son who brought her in asked the management and staff of the nursing home not to say that she was here forever. A silent question froze in the eyes of the old woman: “What is she doing here and when will she return home?” The son himself did not tell her about it.

The old lady was kind and well-behaved, so the nursing home staff immediately liked her. She was in full confidence that her son would soon take her away. However, her son only visited his old mother a few times.

Today is my grandmother’s birthday. She turned 70 years old. She was completely sure that her son should definitely come and congratulate her on her birthday. She said that she also has a daughter with whom they have not communicated for more than 20 years. The nursing home staff bought the old woman a cake, and the grandmother blew out the candle, making a wish before that: “So that the children, if they don’t already congratulate her on her anniversary, then at least come and visit her.”

She wants her wish to come true that when she blew out the candles, tears rolled down her eyes.

At the end of my shift, someone knocked on my office. It was the birthday girl. She was looking for an opportunity to communicate on this festive day for her. From her story, it became clear that she devoted more motherly love to her son than to her daughter. She always pampered her son and treated him with warmth. On this basis, the daughter was angry with her and, as a result, relations with her were ruined. When the son started a family, the daughter-in-law simply got rid of her mother-in-law. The old woman, telling the story of her life, wept and blamed herself for everything. She took all the blame for the situation.

Leaving home, there were tears in my eyes, at the exit, I ran into a woman. I went home after my shift with tears in my eyes. At the door, I met a middle-aged woman. She looked confused. She was with a bouquet of flowers in her hands. The woman was looking for Olga Nikolaevna and asked permission to visit her.

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