The clever missing canine rings the doorbell at 3 AM to tell her family she’s home (video)

Fireworks are a must-have for Fourth of July celebrations. This could be OK for a lot of folks who don’t own pets.

Few people are aware that fireworks lead pets to get uneasy, yet this may cause them to become agitated. Our story’s protagonist Rajah experienced such a situation.

Days before the Fourth of July, when the fireworks began, she was startled by the noise and fled the house. Her parents made an effort to find her, but they failed.

They began looking for her. The searches took a number of hours. Mary Lynn even published a message on Facebook requesting responses from viewers if they spot their puppy.

Moreover, they said Rajah was microchipped and that her tag had phone numbers. But after spending many hours looking and failing to locate anything, they gave up and returned home.

They had a miserable night and hoped to locate Rajah the next day. They had no idea they would receive such a major surprise at three in the morning. Guess who answered the door when it rang? Right, Rajah.

When the pair saw the dog’s face, they couldn’t help but chuckle. They discovered afterward that Rajah rang the bell with her nose. She waited to see if it had succeeded or if she had awakened her people.

The pair questioned how the dog managed to figure out how to ring the bell. They said that Rajah is frequently inside the house and that their doorbell is seldom ever rung. They had recently moved in.

But it turns out Rajah was merely an extremely intelligent pup, which is a blessing. For those who utilize pyrotechnics, this tale may serve as a useful reminder. You should be aware that dogs hear noises more clearly than people do.

And the sounds of firearms and fireworks enrage them. It could also result in permanent hearing loss.

Following are some actions pet owners can do to reduce their dog’s fear during celebrations.

Take them on lengthy morning walks; this will make them sleepy at night.

Compare them to toys and delectable sweets.

If you can, play soothing music to help you relax.

Use a Thundershirt as well; it is a unique wraparound shirt that reduces anxiety with little pressure.

After consulting your vet, offer them some medicine if none of these solutions work.

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