The couple saved the life of an orphaned baby deer, who came to them to ask for help

For the first week after giving birth, the mother deer conceals her young in the greenery to keep them safe from predators.

She frequently goes back to her infant after that to feed him. She typically breastfeeds her children for three to four months following birth.

They spend roughly a year living with their mother. In the year 2020, Dawn Rasmussen’s husband was startled to hear a newborn deer yelling out.

The fawn raced up to him as he approached and landed on his feet.

They chose to give the deer the name Thor and phoned the veterinarian right away to take him in for a full examination.

Following that, they learned that Thor had been abandoned and that his mother had most likely passed away since, in any other case, she wouldn’t have left him alone.

They realized they couldn’t leave Thor alone and carried him home with them, becoming his new family, because the vet didn’t have a place for him.

They built a sizable outdoor enclosure so the wild animal could move around freely while remaining outside because they couldn’t keep it in their home.

In the beginning, he explained, “I slept in a tent outdoors so that I could be close to him and he would feel safe at night.”

Every three hours, goat milk was given to the animal. They took very good care of him and even taught him how to find food.

Thor went for a stroll in the wild and returned back when he was four months old.

“Thor would rush to fetch his milk bottle when I called his name,” Dawn recalled.

Thor has been a cherished member of their family for a very long time.

He has been cared for like a mother since he was two and a half years old, and they have a really special bond.

Additionally, he joined the deer herd, which also consists of Thor’s kin.

Now it also occurs that they don’t see him for nearly a month, but he still returns to see his humans every time.

Their relationship is truly amazing, and it became even stronger when Thor visited their home to ask his mother for assistance after suffering a leg injury.

Dawn gave him care till he was entirely well and even massaged his leg. He is already jumping like a deer now and feels terrific.

“Thor gives me a such beautiful life. I love having him in my life and cherish every second I get to spend with Thor”, Dawn added.

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