The cutest company: a little girl and three royal poodles

Three years ago, the Network was touched by a photo of how a luxurious royal poodle Riku became a nanny for a very small girl from Japan. How do they live today?

This little girl’s name is Mame, she is three and a half years old and lives in Japan. Her grandmother is a professional photographer, and when the baby was a few months old, she decided to make a page on Instagram, where she began to post photos of the amazing friendship of the baby with her huge white poodle Riku.

These photos really excited Internet users and Mame and Riku became stars.

Since that time, a lot of things have changed in the family – Mame has grown up. She has a brother, Mugi.

And also – two companions for the poodle – a black boy Koo and a white girl Gaku.

Now, this whole cheerful company is presented in the photo.

Check out this wonderful selection of photos of the cutest friends.

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