The cutest dance ever was performed by a young girl who joined an Irish dancer she saw on the street (video)

Kids who genuinely care about something and give it their all are endearing to watch. 

These instances show the beginnings of a passion that may one day develop into a hobby or even a profession. 

The sweetest thing about kids is that they don’t want to try new things. 

They have great curiosity. Anyone who has spent time with children will attest to the fact that kids are sometimes compared to sponges. They absorb everything and make an effort to understand it all. 

This young girl’s interest in Irish dancing was sparked by an Irish dancer who was performing on Galway’s streets.

She joined in right away, giving her own special take on the girl’s dance. 

You won’t find anything cuter than this today, without a doubt. While watching it, you can’t help but grin.


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