The cyclist found some puppies in a large hole that had been abandoned and put them in his shirt (video)

Professional cyclist Thiago Costa Silva visited Brazil earlier this month with a friend on a training trip. The cyclist took a rest and returned to find five little puppies in a large pit.

“Because the pit was so remote, no one would have noticed the poor puppies. How could people be so callous as to abandon these helpless creatures? They were exhausted and weak,” Silva told The Dodo. 

The cyclists couldn’t leave the puppies in the pit, so they took them out and decided to put them in their shirts because they didn’t know where else to put them. They went home after sheltering the puppies in a safe place for a 12-mile journey. 

“I took the puppies home and began caring for them,” Silva explained. Silva not only saved them but also found them, suitable families.


 “They have been adopted by people I know and trust. They will all have loving owners and the home that they deserve. 

The sorrowful scene of the riders with pups in their shirts came to the cutest conclusion as a result! Puppies who were saved from being put to death started a new life with devoted families.

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