The dirty dog ​​could not get out from under the pipes, no matter how hard he tried

It remains to be hoped that a good home will be found for him.

One day, the driver,  driving along the road, as well as passengers sitting in the passenger compartment, saw large pipes. It was really hot. The ground was dry and very hot. Here and there the grass was green in places. As if proving that growing up in such heat is not at all easy. And here, under the blazing sun, among these pipes, people saw a puppy.

He was dirty, scared. It was clear that he did not like it here at all. However, the dog could not leave. The driver felt that the dog needed help. He stopped the car and approached to find out what happened.

But, seeing people, the dog hid between the pipes. As if she said that she did not intend to communicate.

And the strangers did not want to leave her. We wanted to help the puppy. Coming closer, they saw that an iron chain was stretched between the pipes. One end is stuck. The main part wrapped around the dog’s neck. Everything became clear. The puppy is trapped. The chain held him and did not let go. He was just firmly stuck in this iron structure.

People were delighted when they realized that they found the unfortunate dog in time. Otherwise, his fate would have been sad. Now they could save him!

The passengers pulled the chain out of the pipe. We began to pull the puppy towards us to take it. But he resolutely refused to leave. I was very afraid! Strangers terrified him. He didn’t want to go with them.

Then the company took out gloves. We began to act more actively to pull out the baby. Soon the puppy was free.

In the light of the sun, everyone saw how dirty he was. The color of his coat is unknown. Until he looked like rust. But it’s nothing! Most importantly, the puppy was saved. And it’s not hard to wash it off.

If the dog is in a difficult situation, then the unexpected appearance of people can be regarded as a miracle. After all, it is the forces from above that send salvation to a living being!

So in this situation with the baby, his guardian angel helped the poor fellow survive. Now he is healthy and happy. It remains to be hoped that a good home will be found for him.

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