The doctors told her to lose weight, but the cause was a 22-pound ovarian cyst

The huge lump that the doctor is holding in the photo is a 22-kilogram ovarian cyst, extracted from the abdomen of an American woman.

It all started with the fact that 30-year-old Kayla Run from Alabama began to suffer from abdominal pain and shortness of breath. Despite the fact that she tried to lose weight, she suddenly began to gain weight dramatically. It got to the point that a stranger asked her if she was expecting twins.

“I couldn’t even walk to the car without starting to choke,” she says.

Kayla went to the doctor, but he only advised her to lose weight.

When the pain became unbearable, Kayla’s mother took her to the hospital, where it turned out that the cause of her suffering was an ovarian cyst.

Scientifically, this is called “mucinous cystadenoma”. This is a form of benign cystic tumor that is not uncommon – just not that big!

“Of course, I’ve seen this formation before, but never this big,” says Dr. Gregory Jones, who operated on Kayla. “This is the largest cyst I have ever seen and operated on.”

Although this cyst is benign, this size can lead to serious complications. The cyst presses so hard on the abdomen that it cuts off the blood supply to the lower extremities, causing swelling. In addition, it can interfere with urination, create an intestinal obstruction, and make breathing difficult due to pressure on the diaphragm. Over time, the case may end in kidney failure.

Caylee Ran is already recovering – doctors say she is not in danger.

Interestingly, in the Indian state of Kashmir, a record-breaking 22 kg cyst was also recently removed. In this case, the patient named Khalida Akhtar was only 18 years old!

Khalida was admitted to the hospital complaining of severe abdominal pain. The doctors diagnosed the cyst and performed an operation.

According to surgeon Malik Azad, it takes 5-6 months for a cyst of this size to form.

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