The dog became the hero of the network thanks to the unusual human posture (videos)

Our pets are sometimes very funny. This special dog knows how to sit on the ass, as a person. At the same time, her hind legs stick out comically. On TikTok, a beauty named Indy became popular thanks to an unusual habit.

Hannah Dyson from Australia loves her beloved dog named Indy. Together with her, the dog is loved by several million TikTok users. And all thanks to the unusual habit of sitting on the ass.

Hanna says that Indy sat in this position for the first time at the age of about a year. And now, whenever he rests, he sits on his ass.

The owner notes that such a habit may be related to physiology. Indy is a Staffordshire Terrier and Whippet mix. The hind legs are too long for her, so it is comfortable for her to sit like that.

One way or another, Indy’s habit made her famous all over the world.

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