The dog could not pass by the kittens, which were abandoned by negligent owners. Now he is trying on a new role – foster dad

It was a typical rainy morning in Maryland. Before work, Victoria walked her dog. This happened a few months ago. The woman with the pet had just left the house when they heard a barely perceptible squeak. Victoria listened.

She found the source of the squeak. It turned out to be a small red kitten that was lying on the road. The woman took the baby in her arms, but Turbo the dog was motionless.

Suddenly the dog quickly ran towards the pile of fallen leaves. In the corner of the yard, Turbo found two more kittens. The kids were shivering from the cold, they got wet in the rain.

The mother cat has disappeared. The kittens had been completely alone for several hours.

Victoria, having examined the unexpected find, decided that the kids needed urgent medical care. The woman took the kittens to the vet.

After being examined by a doctor, Victoria and the kids came home, where the woman organized a warm, cozy bed for three weak animals.

The dog, Turbo, began to examine the light red with white spots babies. The dog was ready to help. He also decided to take up nursing kittens.

The kids began to show activity, they opened their eyes. Turbo never left the little animals for a moment. The kittens realized that the ace can be trusted. Now they play and fall asleep together.

Turbo is balanced and calm. He behaves very carefully so as not to scare not only nervous people but also small kittens.

Victoria cannot keep all the babies who are rapidly gaining weight. However, the woman has already found loving families for them.

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