The dog from the shelter was so eager to find the owner that he extended his paw to everyone who passed by the cage

Dog shelters are, of course, a good thing, and many thanks to those who create them. However, it often happens that the living conditions of pets are not the best, and the dogs that stay there simply do not know affection and love.

Resigned, many animals simply silently wait for that very happy day when they will finally be taken to a new home.

And there are dogs that are trying, by all means, to attract the attention of people, thus increasing the chances of finding a new owner.

Ray is a dog who has done everything possible for his own happiness.

He lived in the orphanage for over a year. During this time, he did not miss a single visitor, he extended his paw to everyone.

He got to the shelter because of the cruelty of the owner, who starved the animal, and then completely threw it out into the street. However, Ray, in spite of everything, did not lose trust in people and tried his best to reach out to each visitor, because he needed touches, affection, and love.

Fate rewarded the dog for his incredible perseverance: a man Jerome walked past the animal enclosure.

The dog, as always, extended his paw to him and looked with his eyes into the eyes of a man. Jerome immediately realized that he would definitely not go home without Ray. Now they are best friends, and the dog is a full member of the family.

According to the man, he still did not understand how it was possible to pass by this sweet and devoted dog?

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