The dog guarded the cloth with which it was tossed out on the track

A Rottweiler was discovered by the side of the E-50 motorway, not far from the Dnieper. The reasons for discovering the dog on the road are unknown; only hypotheses exist.

The finding of an abandoned Rottweiler was reported on the social networking site Facebook. Volunteers from the “Ark” organization, which works to safeguard animals, contributed to the book.

The Rottweiler is a youthful, active dog that is not at all polite. Those who are not indifferent feed the abandoned dog on a regular basis, bringing food to the place of his stay, which the dog appreciates. A bloody cloth was discovered next to the Rottweiler, who refused to go. The dog guards what looks to be bedding for resting and relaxing. Employees of the “Ark” and regular passers-by are hesitant to take the dog with them.

According to volunteers, the dog is at the second turn to Novomoskovsk in the direction of Donetsk. Employees at the society claimed that they are seeking professionals who are comfortable working with thoroughbreds and possibly dangerous animals. Employees of the “Ark” are terrified of dealing with the dog’s rage on their own since he refuses to make contact.

Many people reacted to the message and volunteered to help. The Rottweiler, on the other hand, was captured by volunteers who are familiar with the breed’s characteristics. They will be held accountable for the dog’s future destiny. Maybe the dog will find a new home with responsible people.

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