The dog helps the owner to unload the car with his snout with a bag of groceries bought from the supermarket (video)

The best helper ever seen.

Puppies may be trained to levels that are simply astonishing, as many animal specialists are able to affirm. These obstacle course competitions might provide additional information to us.

Dogs have been shown to jump fences or even navigate challenging passages filled with tubes or similar structures. However, teaching a dog to do tricks is not the only goal. They can also pick up the skill of helping out around the house.

A cute Labrador dog demonstrated how well-mannered he is by helping his owner carry the groceries back from the store. A woman had parked her car in her driveway and was getting ready to lower several bags that contained her goods, food, and other household stuff.

But she thought to check to see whether her puppy training had been successful before beginning to drop the bags. After instructing her to help, the woman enjoyed watching her small dog rush to the car and come back with a bag dangling from her snout.

The first bag she delivers seems little and is just partially filled. At the owner’s feet, the dog leaves her unharmed. The true test comes with the following one he dares. The dog walks with ease carrying what looks to be more than five objects, picking up one that is so heavy that even his owner begins to worry. Against all chances, he succeeds in placing them in the same location as the last bag without incident.

Along with the very well-behaved Labrador retriever, a Border Collie can be seen in the video quietly observing events, which is one of its funnier parts. Both conventional opinion and specialists agree that this breed has the highest potential to learn extremely difficult tasks.

But in this instance, the intelligent Border does little more than observe while his spouse walks by. He may just be watching him without fully knowing what is happening, or it may be that his girlfriend does the same act to this bewildered Border Collie herself. Anyhow, that woman already has a helpful and nice companion for her monthly shopping trips.

The following video shows a cute labrador assisting his owner with shopping bags:

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