The dog hugs strangers in tears and begs them to take him (video)

Every time he hugs a stranger, the dog seems to say “Please don’t leave me alone”.

A dejected stray dog has spent so much time on the streets that he has lost all memory of what it’s like to be loved. She started pleading with people to pet her every day because she was so desperate to feel loved. People frequently stopped to help him out and stroked him.

She cherishes every second of being so adored by others, as seen by her reaction to being embraced by onlookers. He truly misses having a caring home where he can count on receiving daily care, affection, and security.

A kind woman phoned the animal rescue group run by Fahrudin Caki Bravo after becoming moved by the dog’s predicament. He didn’t think about it for long, and he immediately took action to make sure that this stray puppy could be quickly saved and placed in a new home.

The sorrowful dog was only on the street for six days until his time came; after that, he was placed in a caring home. Afterward, to protect him from infectious illnesses and keep him well and content in the future, he received his first dose of the vaccine.

The adorable canine has received what he had long been due and is no longer forced to live on the streets. Now that he has a family that adores him beyond all else, he can finally put an end to this depressing chapter of his life.

The huge loving boy is now satisfied in his forever home in the EU. From being a homeless youngster to a happy boy who receives lots of love and cares thanks to his new family. He is entitled to constant happiness!

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