The dog is only skin and bones and now he is changing

He was found in a locked room when his owner went on holiday.

He was found abandoned in a restricted space when his owner was abroad, and nobody wanted to accept him because of how thin he was. In January 2021, we adopted Harlow from a P.S.A. shelter.

I had to stay by his side and talk to him when I got him inside since he was too terrified to stay there. He was also fed in order for him to gain weight.

The next day, he could play a little with Jada outside, but when we left him alone – he felt really unhappy, so basically I had to talk with him all the time, even allowing him to sleep in my room for a few days.

Due to his healthy appetite, he gained 2 kilos after a week, although he continued to appear pretty thin and was at worst 20 kilograms underweight.

Over time, he became more confident and less prone to worry. He also picked up the ability to walk, lost his fear of the dark, and began to enjoy playing in the garden.

Let’s reflect on Harlow’s remarkable development. Because he likes to play so much, he is now a healthy, confident, and occasionally naughty dog.

After that, you should research professional grooming and perhaps even enroll in a few training courses. You’ll be astonished at how soon this pup will start to appear like a new puppy with time and plenty of tender loving care! Good fortune!

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