The dog is only skin and bones but is still fighting to survive (video)

Animals, like humans, require attention, love, and protection.

Happy Fito was saved and given medical attention for his illness. Wishing the poor baby a long and happy life in a loving home.

A lot of people get heartbroken when they see pictures of pets with thin, ill bodies. The dog’s prolonged term of abandonment may be the cause of his extreme weakness and the numerous wounds that are clearly apparent on his body.

You can see the dog’s bones beneath the skin due to its poor condition, which was brought on by inadequate nourishment. No one thinks he will live since he seems like he may die at any moment. But he overcomes it because he is the most resilient person I know!

The dog is a terrific hero dog because he never loses up and keeps trying to survive. Despite having little strength, the dog fights until the last end. The dog is a fantastic role model for people to follow in terms of conquering difficulty.

He was fortunately saved, fed, and is now slowly recuperating. He was looked for and fed by nice people, so he may now unwind and stop worrying about the next meal.

Fito is the name of this lovely puppy. He now leads a very contented life that he may not have previously appreciated. I’m hoping he can get better soon with everyone’s help.

Thank you very much for your kindness toward the lovely heart and for saving the dog’s life, and may God bless you both!

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