The dog rescued a little kitten. What happened next shocked everyone! (video)

They continued to live happily together.

Shih Tzu dog Goldie saved a little kitten and took him in as her foster child. In Anderson, South Carolina, an animal control agency believed the dog was barking because she was entrapped in a gully. However, it turned out that the dog there was guarding a little kitten.

A barking dog that became trapped in a brittle shrub was reported to organization employee Michelle Smith.

The Shih Tzu was caught in the thorn bush’s branches when she down the steep hillside.

However, upon closer inspection, she discovered that Goldie the Shih Tzu had a companion—a little kitten. She was only astounded by what she witnessed. The kitten was given milk by the dog.

Michelle Smith recalls, “I was speechless and didn’t know what to think.” “I was astounded and amazed before becoming naturally captivated. In all honesty, nobody was expecting to witness such a spectacle there.

Although she believed the dog would be content to depart, she didn’t want to abandon the kitten. Without a kitten, the dog would not leave.

The dog and kitten stayed inseparable in Anderson County L.A.P.S. (Anderson County P.A.W.S.). The dog kept looking after the kitten.

Ultimately, this endearing couple was placed with a foster family where they were able to continue their happy marriage.

Even the news carried a segment on this tale. When it was revealed that a dog fed a kitten, everyone was shocked! Typically, cats and dogs don’t get along very well. But hostility stays in the background when it comes to the maternal instinct and the yearning for a mother.

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