The dog sat in the garage and grew gloomier every day … Until the phone rang at the people who sheltered him!

Once Alexander Ryazantsev was walking his dogs. He has five happy pets!

During the walk, the dogs rushed towards the ditch. It turned out that the animals did not run there in vain – a dog was hiding there …

The unfortunate baby did not try to crawl away, so Sasha realized that not everything was all right with him.

The man brought his pets home, and he began to lure the frightened baby out of his hiding place.

Alexander was soon lucky – the animal trusted him and, barely moving its paws, got out of the ditch. Then Sasha immediately took the dog to the clinic, thinking about where to attach the animal, because there are already five dogs in the house!

The veterinarian examined the dog and it turned out that he was about a year old. The baby had broken ribs and a contusion of the lung …

Alexander named the foundling Freddy. He understood that this pet had recently been domesticated because it is well-groomed, clean, and had not yet had time to “become ugly” from street life.

The man firmly decided that he would find his former owner!

Alexander settled Freddie in the garage. At first, he could not eat and walk from pain, but he quickly recovered. Unfortunately, the older dogs of the man were not very welcoming to the new one, so it was necessary to urgently look for the former owner of Freddie!

Alexander‘s family put up ads, posted on social networks, and regularly looked through ads about missing animals.

The call

Alexander was already completely desperate when the bell rang …

It turned out that the former owner of Freddie was leaving, and upon his return, he did not find his pet. It turned out that his name was not Freddie, but Kozyr.

Alexander decided to check whether the owner of the dog had really been found. He went up to him and called him by his old nickname! How happy Kozyr was at that moment – beyond words!

Very soon, a car drove up to Alexander’s house, from which the excited and happy owner of Kozyr got out! As soon as the dog heard the steps of his beloved master, he, squealing with joy, rushed to meet him.

Alexander‘s family was happy for Kozyr! Every time they opened the door to the garage, people saw the disappointment in the eyes of the pet. He probably waited for his master to appear at the door, and this time after time turned out not to be him …

No wonder Alexander put so much effort into finding the former owner of Kozyr.

It’s good that it was Sasha who met on the way with the lost dog!

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