The dog that was afraid of being touched by humans now loves to be petted (videos)

He has found a new family

Due to abuse, a dog that previously feared being handled is learning to value the sense of a kind touch. Kayne gained friends on social media all around the world after Monica Mitreanu posted a video of him at an animal refuge in Craiova, Romania.

Before being saved, the defenseless dog endured such horrific abuse that the thought of being petted caused him to truly cry in terror.

The poor dog was so afraid that even Monica Mitreanu’s kind, kind touch seemed deadly to him as she tried to console him. Craiova is known as the “European capital of canine cruelty” due to the severity with which dogs are treated in local shelters.

According to Kerry Wollacott, an animal rescuer who works to save dogs in Romania, we now know that Kayne has been rehabilitated, is no longer the fearful dog of old, and has given humanity another chance.

Following that, Kayne was sent to a foster home in the UK, where he reportedly found a new family.

“He weighed about 6 kilos when he left Breasta, and today, thanks to the treatment he received, he weighs 9.5 kilos,” Kerry posted on Facebook. Many thanks to the generous donor who provided the bulk of the funding for the trip.

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