The dog this man saved two years ago gets reunited with him. Her remarkable transformation was amazing (video)

Kieran Hedley was in Bali with a friend at the beginning of 2020. They discovered a nearby temple to hide in when it suddenly started to rain. They saw people dancing and hearing music.
In the midst of the noise, he observed a small dog covered in scrabs staying close to a torn piece of cardboard on the ground.
He could sense the need for action. He speculated that she might be lost. She was expecting someone to appear and look after her. 

He called a group that finds homes for animals abandoned in the streets because he couldn’t leave her there. He carried her home after wrapping her in his T-shirt.
Because of her effervescence, he gave her the moniker Bubbles. 

She underwent all required vaccines as well as treatment for her skin issues. He assisted her in socializing.
He would doze off while admiring the adorable little thing throughout the first several weeks. She developed into a social butterfly over time. 



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Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, he was forced to leave her behind two months later and return to his native country. He made certain she had a loving owner. 

He discovered a woman who was eager to take Bubbles with her as she returned to her Italian home.
Hadley and the dog reconnected in Italy two years ago. She recognized him right away and started licking him. 

Hedley remarked that it was among his life’s most wonderful moments.
He will never forget the puppy that, despite all odds, achieved happiness. Of course, she needed his assistance to accomplish all of that. 



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Публикация от Kieran Hedley | New Zealander 🥝 (@coachkezza)

They each permanently altered the other. He said, “She continually inspires me every time I think about her.”

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