The dog too sick to sit is given a final ride around town and makes a miraculous recovery

Thank you, God, for the Love you gave this beautiful baby.

When Joey Maxwell and his wife initially came across Maverick at a [de.ath] shelter, he was little more than skin and bones. They had now been together for six happy years.

A few years ago, when the dog was diagnosed with cancer, Maxwell did all in his power to save his canine friend [ the]. Chemotherapy’s initial session was a success. However, the [si.ckn.ess] returned two months ago, rendering him immobile.

Maxwell made the choice to pull the dog in a wagon as a result. When they take the dog outside, according to him, Maverick barks at every person who passes until they pat him because he believes that everyone is there to spoil him.

Maverick absolutely enjoys such rides. The dog is gaining strength every day, maybe as a result. He can feel the good vibes; he can now stand on his own; and he is becoming stronger every day.

I’m so happy this adorable furry friend is doing well! Salutations for the quick recovery; prayers remain. He is such a lovely furry baby.

Hope you’ve all always been as loving and upbeat as Maverick!

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