The dog wandered the same streets with his owner for two years without realizing he was gone

The white dog was frequently observed alone on the streets. He had not eaten in a while and was obviously in poor health. 

He didn’t even look at the onlookers and barely moved. The dog appeared uninterested in anything else because of his very sad eyes. 

The neighborhood’s neighbors saw the dog every day, but they were puzzled as to why he kept using the same street. 

The dog was so weak and frail because it had been starving for such a long time. As unexpected as it was, it eventually became clear that the dog was not truly a stray. 

The problem is that Jindol’s owners leave him outside every morning before they leave for work because he likes to take walks. 

The dog used to be a very energetic and content dog, but one day everything changed for him. 

The dog underwent a radical change after the death of the owner’s mother. He was devastated by the defeat. 

Even though the woman passed away more than two years ago, nobody has been able to help the dog get over the loss. 

The dog would initially just whimper and weep as he lamented the loss of his beloved person, but over time, his grief seemed to give way to longing. 

He leaves the house every day and takes a walk by himself along the same paths that he used to take his owner. 

The dog appeared to be making an effort to relive his memories of his owner thereby acting in this way. 

Everything became so intense that the animal began to suffer from longing sickness. 

Of course, the woman’s son realized how difficult it was for the dog, so he made an effort to assist him in some way. 

Now he takes the dog for a walk every day, taking the same path. He hopes the dog will eventually be able to accept everything and resume living his regular life.

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