The dog was finally found alive after getting lost in the Pacific Ocean (video)

This puppy plunged into the water from the boat. And was reported missing near the San Diego coast. The dog was thought to have perished in the ocean by everyone.

Luna was the name of the dog. When she vanished, she was on the boat with her owner, Nick. The dog has finally been assumed missing after many days of searching both on the island and in the surrounding waterways.

Nick claimed that Luna had reached the shore despite the evidence since she was such a strong swimmer. One minute later, as they were busy hauling the lobster traps in, they realized Luna was gone.

The crew looked everywhere for her, but unhappily, because she was black and the water was dark, they were unable to find her.

After spending a month on San Clemente Island, she fortunately recovered. She was discovered there since the island forbids household animals due to environmental concerns. The squad members came and seized Luna.

Good thing she was discovered. The dogs are said to have eaten mice to stay alive after swimming ashore. She was absolutely healthy, save from being slightly malnourished, according to the veterinarians who examined her.

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