The dog was seen rummaging through the trash and discovered a tiny puppy there!

On his way to work, a police officer from Brazil spotted a stray dog next to a trash can. The man assumed the savage was seeking food and kept on. 

When he got home from work, he saw the same dog, but this time, instead of having food in her jaws, she had a tiny puppy! Where the mongrel discovered the puppy is unknown. The infant was happy and healthy, and his tail was wagging. Marco Antonio Rodriguez, a local volunteer, was called by the policemen. 

The dog that found the puppy was not going to give it back to her “new” child when the volunteer came and wanted to remove it. They made the choice to let the puppy stay with the dog until he matures and gains a little more strength. 

The puppy was little and in need of mother’s milk, which was an issue. Marco posted an advertisement in a group of volunteers asking for responses from people whose dogs had young puppies and were given milk. 

After a few hours, a woman replied to the advertisement and offered to take the puppy in until he was stronger. 

The dog is now feeling healthy and has grown a little. Amazingly, a stray puppy found two mothers right away!

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