The dog was the most devoted friend: he swam for 11 hours to the coast to save his owner

When a fisherman spotted the sheepdog in Moreton Bay, he immediately pulled her from the sea and notified the coast guard.

We were moved by this story and wanted to share it with you.

Everything that has occurred is more proof that dogs are the most loyal and devoted friends.

In Australia, a fisherman witnessed a shepherd dog straining to swim to shore with all of its power. A box of fishing tackle floated near the dog, and a wetsuit could be seen in the distance. He assisted the dog and phoned the Coast Guard.

It was obvious that something had gone wrong: the boat had capsized someplace. At the moment, a large group of rescuers had assembled. The dog was brought to the beach, but she whimpered the entire time and ran into the sea.

The search lasted several hours, and thankfully, everything went well – the man was found. He clung to the upturned boat, which was already sinking to the seabed.

According to the sufferer, he lost control of the boat and was tossed in different directions as a result of the unexpected movement. But what everyone was most impressed with was the dog’s ability to swim for so long in search of assistance for his owner. And he hoped that everything would be OK with the pet.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time when dogs save someone and this shepherd has now joined the ranks of true-tailed heroes.

According to rescuer testimonies, the dog swam for 11 hours to help his friend.

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