The dog was tied to the railing with the pizza and a sad note

A cute little dog was abandoned, tied to a building’s railing, and left all by itself.

Justin Hanley, a resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, discovered the puppy one day as he was leaving his front door. Sadly, the message was discovered beneath the doormat when the dog was eating pizza.

“Please take me home,” was written on the message. Diamond is my name. We are unable to house her any longer.”

Despite being unable to keep the puppy, Hanley promptly transported her to his backyard and posted on Facebook under the name East Falls Rants, according to The Dodo.

Southern New Jersey’s Don’t Bully Us (DBU) Rescue volunteered to assist and quickly located her in a foster home. The dog was given a new name: Serenity, and it was given to Chris King, a retired Army special forces officer.

Serenity not only found a place to stay, but she also lived there with the man’s fiancée, four human sisters and brothers, nine dogs, and seven pygmy goats.

Serenity enjoys sleeping in amusing postures, has assimilated into the household, and enjoys going outside, according to King.

The dog was later adopted by a family, but when things didn’t work out, King got the dog back. Serenity was sorely missing King and his family.

In a joyful conclusion, King made the decision to adopt her, ensuring Serenity would never again be concerned. Happy endings are our favorite. Watch how ecstatic Serenity is with the news.

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