The dog was waiting for someone to notice him when a woman taking out the trash noticed it

An abandoned puppy that was found close to a public dumpster was reported to Stray Rescue of St. Louis. 

Fortunately, someone saw him and made a call for assistance. 

He was given the name Shoestring by the kind person who discovered him bound to the fence with a shoestring. She remained by his side until assistance arrived. 

The puppy required a loving home and plenty of affection. A veterinarian examined him and declared him to be in good health. 

He was tied up and left behind for unknown reasons. 

He began to feel secure and at ease around people. He trusted them because he was aware of their desire to assist him. 

He will remain in the care of a foster family until he is placed for adoption. For Shoestring to feel more at ease, the prospective adopters must already have a dog. 

When the foster family took him in so he wouldn’t need to stay in the shelter, it was wonderful. 

We all wish Shoestring the best of luck in finding the devoted family he deserves.

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