The dog who had been missing for already a year finally found his way to his beloved family…

The small puppy noticed two humans in the waiting room of a doctor’s office and cautiously approached them since he had no idea why they were there or what they were searching for.

But soon he began to recall them. He had them as owners. Everything took place in this manner.

The residents were informed by a woman who had phoned them that a little dog had been straying around the area for some time.

The search for the lost puppy was then conducted by the rescue crew. The veterinarian was also present, observing the dog’s actions.

They brought the puppy along, where they began to feed it and care for it. The dog, however, would not allow anyone to pet him.

They made the choice to relocate him to one of the volunteers’ homes the next day. Truvy had been waiting for him excitedly.

When Nash opened the cages, the dog came up to him and gave him the largest embrace ever, which caught him completely off guard.

He then placed the dog in the bathtub and combed out his tangles. When Nash brought the dog to the veterinarian the following time, they discovered a microchip and promptly called the dog’s parents.

When they phoned at that time, they were ecstatic. Truvy had fled home and become lost when the family relocated to Texas a year prior, it was discovered.

It was discovered that Truvy had been abducted for more than a year before being freed.

They spent months looking for the dog and wrote to every shelter and animal rescue group they could think of without success.

It was quite heartwarming when they finally saw one another. They were ecstatic to learn that their puppy was secure.

Naturally, it took the dog some time to understand that it was his loving mother as it had been a while since their last encounter.

We are overjoyed that they have finally connected after all this time.

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