The dog who slipped on the ice and ended up in the frigid water was bravely saved by a guy! (video)

When a woman contacted Don Chatten of New York State to help her find her small puppy, he was out with his two dogs in Buffalo. Without hesitation, the man decided to assist the woman. However, when Don discovered the puppy, he understood that it would be impossible to wait with the assistance. 

The key detail was that the dog in Ellicott Creek Park slipped into the chilly water. The man took quick action and dialed 911, but he did not wait for help and opted to act alone! Don believed he could crawl on the ice, but it cracked, submerging him up to his waist in chilly water.


“I was a little self-assured since I knew how deep this place went. When we were kids, we used to come here frequently, Don told WKBW News. The dog was frozen, so Don approached it and lifted it up. When the rescuers arrived, the man had already saved the dog. For a checkup, they brought the frozen dog to the doctor. You can watch a man’s bravery in action here.

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