The dogs rushed to take care of the kitten, which was brought by the owner (video)

A shelter volunteer adopted a three-day-old kitten that was found alone on the street. She decided to introduce the baby to her dogs, who immediately began to take care of the weak lump.

A small three-day-old kitten who lost her mother was found on the streets in Indiana, USA. The baby weighed only 82 grams, like a newborn kitten. People took the baby to the Hamilton Humane shelter, where she was happily accepted.

The baby, nicknamed Fiona, found respiratory diseases. She was only three days old, but she had already experienced a lot. Volunteers immediately took care of her health, and later one girl took her to her place for overexposure.

Unfortunately, at first, there were no improvements – the cat faded before our eyes and lost energy. The volunteer did everything to quickly put the weak Fiona on her paws. She was given antibiotics, actively fed, and cared for.

The baby was supported by volunteers’ domestic dogs. They were always close to Fiona and treated her extremely gently and carefully. Fortunately, in a couple of days, the baby miraculously recovered.

Fiona grew and grew stronger every day, and after a couple of days, she began to drink milk from a bottle. Her furry adult friends continued to take care of her. The dogs were even joined by cats, who, according to the guardian, were usually slightly indifferent to the kittens.

Thanks to this support and care, Fiona quickly blossoms. When she grows up a little and gets stronger, permanent owners will be found for her.


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