The family gave the dog to the shelter because the negligent son

Cute young dog Javier ended up in an animal shelter for a completely outrageous reason, netizens say. And we, at, absolutely agree with them.

All the four-legged guests of animal shelters have their own drama behind them, someone was saved from cruelty, and someone ended up on the street because of the irresponsibility of the owners, there are also orphaned pets of the elderly. But the reason for the rejection of Javier was … the poor study of the little owner of the dog. It was in this way that the boy’s parents decided to punish him for poor academic performance and actually kicked the dog out into the street.

The astonished employees of the shelter initially expected that this demonstrative “punishment” for the baby would end in a couple of hours. They expected that the owners, together with their son, would come to take Javier home because for most people their pets are full members of the family. But the wait was in vain, the poor dog yearned in his enclosure, and his “family” simply deleted him from their lives.

The upset employees did not register the dog on the shelter website until the last moment, in the hope that the owners of the young, thoroughbred Javier would come to their senses. Sometime later, they still posted a photo of the dog online and told his story in order to help Javier find a new home and people who would not risk his fate for a far-fetched reason.

More recently, information about Javier has been updated on the shelter’s website. He has a new home, and the new owners are very happy with the new pet, and they also have children, but they will never treat a dog like a soulless toy.

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