The family was on vacation when they suddenly noticed the bear family having fun in their car…

Morris’ family was on vacation when they all of a sudden started shouting.

He promptly rushed outside to investigate the disturbance and was simply stunned.

A family of bears appeared to try to take his automobile off the roadway.

The three bear cubs were having a fantastic time there while the mother bear was taking a look around. They were having fun as they got into Morris’ automobile.

They were well aware that the driver of the automobile had seen them and was closely following them, but it was clear that they were unconcerned by this.

When they eventually understood that the automobile wasn’t going anywhere like that, they started to wreck the vehicle and appeared to want to begin the heist attempt.

So they cautiously exited and walked up to the other car that was idling on the road.

Fortunately, the car’s windows were up, preventing them from entering and destroying it as well.

Morris hurried to his car and rushed over to inspect the damage as soon as the bears entered the forest again.

The bears scratched the driver’s seat and caused damage to it. Thankfully, everything else was alright.

Morris and his family will, however, never forget this completely absurd incident, and it will unquestionably rank as their favorite trip ever.

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