The farmer was curious about what will hatch from absolutely black eggs! The outcome was incredible

Black-feathered hens have been observed by everybody. However, few people claimed to have seen fully black chickens.

A farmer initially thought a photo of some black chicken eggs was a joke or that the eggs had been artificially dyed. However, was discovered that a particularly decorative kind of black chicken really makes and lays black eggs. Do you know what kind of chicken this is? By the way, it goes by the name “Ayam Tsemani.”

Representatives of this breed have black skin, flesh, bones, claws, paws, combs, and beaks. Additionally, they lay black eggs. Contrary to rumors, black blood is not present in the blood of black chickens.

This chicken’s black feathers glisten with a metallic sheen, giving it a very attractive and unusual appearance.

Once in the USA, this breed’s huge chickens were highly prized and readily available. The average cost of an adult chicken of this breed was $2,500.

The fibromelanosis gene is responsible for the chicken’s black color. The hyperpigmentation that results from the prevalence of this gene in the body is what gives the chicken its dark color.

They originated in Indonesia and were first introduced to Europe in 1990. Others in the “Ayam Tsemani” country believed they had “mystical” superpowers, however all of these claims are false myths that have been circulated by people, so you shouldn’t take them seriously.

Now check out the images of this incredible and mysterious chicken. Isn’t that interesting?

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