The fascinating singing pup has unique vocals for every emotion (video)

The pups are the finest example of how much they can impress us. Is Lola the protagonist of our story? With her distinctive voice, the small puppy had captured the hearts of her parents.

She recently began cocking her head back and sang as loudly as she could. She loves to sing and loves hearing her own voice. The little dog loves to sing the songs and does so with great passion.

She is a committed vocalist, that much is clear. She genuinely likes the performance and only does it to please her parents. Being the center of attention is Lola’s favorite thing.

She can even identify her audience before resuming her singing. She has her own ways of expressing her feelings and, as her parents have noted, is never silent.

She essentially runs the household. Lola is a driven individual who constantly goes above and beyond to get what she wants. She is incredibly focused and unique. She adores and desires to be part of all household activities.

Her parents adore her and believe she is adorable and witty. Although Lola occasionally converses with Rachel in Rachel’s own language, Rachel occasionally believes that Lola has her own language.

She makes loud squeaking noises as she eats and purring noises when she is happy. Lola is considered by Rachel and Matt to be their child, and they cannot even begin to envision their lives without her.

They are thrilled to have Lola as their dog and truly love having her around.

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