“The figure is super!”: Angelina Jolie appeared on the streets of Los Angeles in a very bold way

The paparazzi continue to follow celebrities everywhere. So, a few days ago they caught A. Jolie during her exit to a fashion boutique. The famous actress took to the streets of Los Angeles in a stylish outfit, under which there was nothing else.  Celebrity fans immediately appreciated her bold image. Angelina wore a black top and leather pants. Such a spicy outfit literally fascinated her male audience.

The fans of the actress have already missed such bold images of the Hollywood actress, because, after her divorce from B. Pitt, she preferred to appear in public in more modest outfits.

Followers flooded the artist with compliments, noting that she really suits this style. The men were in awe of the curvy 46-year-old star, filling her with a huge number of pleasant words.

Some Internet users have linked this celebrity transformation with her romance with The Weeknd. Recall that the couple was seen together several times, and for one of the meetings with the musician, she took one of her heirs. 

This only caused a large number of rumors about the relationship of the star couple.

How do you like such a bold image of Jolie? Leave your answers in the comments!

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