The firemen saved the lives of the kittens due to a special oxygen mask made for pets

An oxygen mask designed specifically for animals helped save the life of a cat.

The orange tabby cat had to endure a lot of hardships during his life, yet he was so courageous that nothing could break his spirit.

The cat was discovered in terrible shape next to a fire apartment complex.

You may see him now on your screens after they rapidly revived him using a special mask when he was still lifeless.

On that particular day, about 15 inhabitants were taken out of the building, and thankfully nobody was hurt.

Smoke inhalation caused two kittens to suffer injuries.

The firemen swiftly relocated them to the roadway and placed oxygen masks over their faces in an effort to resuscitate them.

They also rubbed the kittens’ necks and tummies throughout that period, trying to improve their health.

Thankfully, kind individuals were able to save their lives.

The firemen relocated them to a safe location when they were already feeling good so that their families could find them later.

Although it is still unknown if they have been reunited with their family, they are unquestionably in excellent care.

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