The football player brought home the dog that disrupted the game but assisted him in winning (video)

It is essential in life to be able to recognize and follow indications. This is most likely how Raul Castro would explain to his family why he took a puppy home from the street. And all because this dog has already been a football crowd hero twice and has really aided Castro. 

It went somewhat like this: humans were playing football, and the dog wanted to join in. 

At the stadium, club the Strongest faced Nacional Potos. Before Christmas, Hernando Siles was in Bolivian La Paz. The game was not going well until the gray insolent caught everyone’s attention. He took a boot from someplace and sprinted around the field with it, elegantly eluding the stewards. This fury lasted three minutes until the judges recognized the audience had lost interest in football. The dog was ordered removed from the field.

 Raul Castro was the only one who accepted the dog’s surrender. 

The game resumed after the incident, and Castro’s squad triumphed 3-0. They were blessed by the dog! 

Unfortunately, a few days later, the fans noticed the dog was injured and unhappy. It was hit by a car; the animal lived, but no one was present to care for it.

 He was known as Kachito (a little bit, small)

When Raul Castro learned of this, he phoned the animal shelter and agreed to have the dog removed from the street, treated, and cared for. He will proceed to write up documentation and take Kachito to his house as soon as he returns from the next game. A dog talisman like this will always come in useful!


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