The friendship of a tiger, a lion and a bear lasts 15 years

They are united by terrible memories of the past.

In the wild, it would be difficult to imagine the coexistence of a bear, a tiger, and a lion in the same place. But this story tells how, under certain conditions, these animals can be best friends and this friendship lasted, no more, no less, but for 15 years.

Lion Leo is native to Africa, Bengal tiger Sher Khan and Baloo, American Black Bear was rescued from harsh conditions and now live happily in a nature reserve in the US state of Georgia called Noah’s Ark.

They were taken from the basement of a poacher’s dwelling 15 years ago. They grew up together in hellish conditions together and have not parted since.

When they were first brought to the reserve, all three had injuries and would not have adapted to their natural habitat, so they were given a special house in the reserve. The three friends are inseparable, they do everything together, take care of each other and demonstrate affection and love in every possible way.

Now the three miraculously saved friends can enjoy comfortable conditions, proper care, well-fed and comfortable life in each other’s company for the rest of their lives. Thank you to those who save the lives of animals in distress and give them a chance to find happiness.

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