The frightened German Shepherd screamed in pain, his head got stuck in a concrete wall

A German shepherd pup learned a hard lesson Monday about sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.

Animal rescuers in California have been summoned to the aid of an eight-month-old German Shepherd whose head has strangely been lodged in a wall.

Rebel, the scared dog, was discovered sobbing with his head poking out through one side of an 18-inch wall.

A friend of the dog’s owner reportedly saw Rebel in trouble on Monday morning and phoned animal control officials for assistance.

Wow, how’d he get in there? And why is there a hole that huge in the wall? were my first thoughts.

The Rebel’s respiration was examined by Huffman and another officer, who judged that he was not in immediate danger.

The space between the wall and the dog’s head allowed for a successful rescue without damaging the wall or endangering Rebel.

While the other police handled the dog’s body on the opposite side of the wall, one officer worked the dog’s head from one side of the wall. Rebel was set loose after some gentle prodding.

Sgt. Huffman stated, “He let us know if we were pushing too hard – yet he kept working right along with us. He was very helpful. His hind legs stiffened to help him go in the direction we were moving, as you could see. He understood we were here to help him.

The buddy of the owner received the dog back.

Officers from animal control advised the dog’s owner to cover the hole in the wall with chicken wire to stop a recurrence.

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