“The Giant and Thumbelina”: How the amazing family of Hafthor Bjornsson from “Game of Thrones” lives

We are all madly in love with watching actors in real life, and when the performer of some significant role is as amazing as his role, then there is simply no limit to our curiosity. So let’s find out how the biggest and strongest man on the planet lives, who played one of the most memorable roles in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

As practice shows, the most healthy and brutal men turn out to be in fact the kindest family men with the same huge heart as she herself. Remember only bikers with kittens.

Today we will talk about Hafthor Bjornsson, each centimeter whose body weighs 1 kg! Think about it, with a height of 206 cm, he weighs 205 kg! All thanks to phenomenal hormones and genes.

Since childhood, he was many times more than his peers. I quickly realized that football is not for him and took up heavy power extreme sports. He was recognized as the strongest man on the planet, and the creators of the Game of Thrones simply could not miss the opportunity to put him in the role of a deadly, bloodthirsty guard of the queen.

It turned out amazing, by the way.

In life, he looks even more impressive than on the screen. Tattoos, huge arms and back, a stern red beard, and the ability to easily lift a barbell with a weight of 500 kg. But in his personal life, he never had success.

Until one trip to the bar, where a pretty waitress first asked him for an autograph, and then completely fell in love with a big man. It turned out that they both go in for sports, listen to similar music, and love an active lifestyle. And just a year later they got married.

Kelsey is sure that Hafthor is the most gentle and kind husband in the world, but life with him brings its own difficulties. Perpetually broken furniture, a sea of ​​food that he needs to absorb 10,000 calories a day. But all this, as Kelsey says, is a matter of habit.

By the way, his wife weighs only 58 kg with a height of 158 cm, although in the joint photos it seems that she is just Thumbelina next to a real mountain!

Last year, the healthy man’s family was replenished with a healthy man, who gained more than 10 kg in just a year! All in a folder! Hafthor says that she tries to spend all the time with him, even canceling workouts for him from time to time. Yes, in such hands Bjornsson Jr. has a great destiny!

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