The girl at the time of departure asked her boyfriend to look after the dog

A dog named Darks, owned by a girl named Charmaine is already two years old. They met on the street, then Darks was a stray hungry, and sickly puppy. Thanks to the care of the girl, the dog quickly recovered – now the pet is full and happy. And, of course, strongly attached to his owner.

A few months ago, Charmain went to stay with her mother. She left the dog to her boyfriend named Taylor. Taylor hadn’t been too interested in dog regulations before, so it seemed normal for him to give Darkes leftover human food, steaks, and nuggets from fast food restaurants.

Charmain was amazed at how her pet has changed since Taylor’s diet. She posted a photo of Darks standing sadly and stuck in a part of the door. The girl signed it as “Diet Time”.

The diet of the pet really does not hurt. Of course, users appreciated the funny situation in which the well-fed dog found himself. But for his own health, it is better to lose those extra pounds. Otherwise, Charmain’s four-legged friend will not be able to leave the house!

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