The girl believed she was adopting a little dog but ended up with 25 kilograms of joy!

Savannah has always wished she could hold a small, adorable dog in her arms. Knowing how adorable this type of dog looks, she happily accepted the offer of a corgi named Noah. The dog’s previous owner opted to give her pet to caring hands when she was unable to care for him any longer. 

Savannah believed she would be getting a typical corgi, but Noah’s former owner failed to inform her of his background as an Australian Shepherd. The dog was large as a result. 

Six hours of travel later, Savannah had her dog. She anticipated seeing a tiny, adorable puppy.

When Savannah first saw the dog, she was astounded by his size. The girl was surprised by the size of the dog, but she did not object to taking the dog. Noah was 25 kilos in weight.

 Despite being twice as big as his family members, Savannah still made friends with him. They grew close, going on walks and playing in the park together, as well as visiting his ex-mistress. 

No one can stop the dog from being loved because of his size or weight. He is adored and frequently features in photos. Noah enjoys lying on the couch with the new owner and cuddling up to her.

The large corgi even enjoys swimming, however, he finds it challenging due to the breed’s traits. The young girl started painting portraits of her dog since she grew to love him so much.

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