The girl could not pass by a little squirrel who needed care

This is true loyalty – to go against the call of nature.

The usual walk ended for Simone from South Africa with finding a best friend. On the ground, she found a little squirrel that needed care, and therefore could not pass by.

Long way

The squirrel is not the most common pet. If anyone has such furry friends, most often they live in cages. Simone gave her friend freedom. The squirrel spent all day on the street, but constantly returned to the hostess, she perceived her house as her own. She was given the name Digentji.

As she got older, things changed a bit. Now it has become clear that replenishment cannot be avoided. Several times her pregnancy ended in failure, but already during the third birth, the cub took root and the girl had one more baby.

Now she has two squirrels. She doesn’t keep them locked up.

Moreover, she has hopes that the animals will eventually move to the forest to reunite with nature, but, of course, while they return, Simone does not interfere with them. But, it’s hard to believe that pets will ever go on self-sufficiency.

They have already formed habits, there is heat and food. And one should not lose sight of the obvious attachment of forest dwellers to the mistress. This is true loyalty – to go against the call of nature.

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