The girl experimented with flavor combinations that were unfamiliar to everyone else. And the outcome of this experiment was a nice surprise (video)

Pregnant women’s taste preferences always put others in a trance. Meanwhile, people who have not been in a comparable situation have never tasted the out-of-the-ordinary gourmet combinations that so entice expectant women. We realize that herring and jam or pickled cucumber and honey do not appear to be compatible items, but what if their combination produces genuinely intriguing dishes, and all this time we have been depriving ourselves of immense pleasure?

This is exactly what Tiktoker Mia Chailliner thought about and decided to conduct a gastronomic experiment. The girl tried various snacks from products that are incompatible with each other to find out if the taste preferences of expectant mothers are really as bad as we think.

Tiktoker published a video review of several exotic dishes from the diet of pregnant women and rated them on a 10-point scale.

Mia started out simple: the first course was an apple-and-cheese “sandwich,” a combination hardly shocking. The girl gave all 10 points to this duet, specifying that she could eat such a dish all the time!

The experiment began to gain momentum: the next snack was a slice of a tomato combined with a piece of chocolate.

This dish impressed the girl much less than the combination of apple and cheese and therefore received only 6 points from Mia.

Video Climax: Ice Cream and Tuna!

Mia did not expect much from the combination of canned tuna with ice cream, and perhaps it was the low expectations that helped the girl to be so impressed by the non-standard dish because she really liked it! So the ice cream tuna received an unexpectedly high score of 10 points.

Then Mia tried an equally unusual combination: pickled cucumber with honey.

This duet was also able to pleasantly surprise the girl and get a solid 9 points! Mia even called it a “fiery combination”.

The girl’s last snack was raw pasta.

Mia did not like this delicacy at all, so the girl rated it only 2 points out of 10, adding that the dish was too dry.

Video of the tiktoker circled the network, collecting more than 9 million views.

@miachalliner Reply to @itsyagirl_savannah soap in pt5? #fyp #imnotpregnant #weirdfoodcombos ♬ original sound – Adam Wright

Netizens, as always, did not stand aside

I swear cheese and apple is the best combination!

Tuna and ice cream… I’m calling the cops!

When I was pregnant, I really wanted nacho chips with cheese sauce and vanilla ice cream. I also wanted pickles with yogurt. Can you try it?

Apparently, non-standard combinations of flavors are not as bad as we used to think, and each of us can repeat this gastronomic experiment without fear and doubt!

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