The girl from the movie “Wasabi”: how Yumi looks and lives now

How did the life of the actress who played Yumi in the cult film – read in this article.


Ryoko Hirosue is the girl’s real name. She is from Japan and was born and raised there. The girl has always had an unusual appearance, so she decided to become a model as a teenager.

Later, she began to be invited to television, and her fame grew. She was still a child when her income exceeded that of her parents. Successful, beautiful, and purposeful – Ryoko was destined to become famous.


Her first experience in serious cinema took place in 1997. Before that, she only starred in small films in her homeland, where she gained experience. And already in 2001, she got a role in the film Wasabi. Her character Yumi conquered all the audience, and the film became one of the most popular.

Now the actress is more likely to act in films and TV shows in her homeland, in total she has more than thirty roles on her account.  She is a star in Japan. As for her personal life, her boyfriend is the artist Jun Yizuts. Despite the fact that they are not officially married, the couple already has two wonderful children.


Despite the fact that now Ryoko is 40 years old, she looks, as before, irresistible.Have you seen other films with the participation of the Japanese actress?

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