The girl made a huge tattoo with the name of the guy, and a week later they broke up (video)

What drives people who, just starting a relationship, decide to perpetuate the name of their passion in the form of a tattoo? Probably a very strong love.

Although common sense would be very helpful here. As in the case of a girl named Ashlyn. She dived so quickly and deeply into wonderful feelings for her beloved Alexander that she almost immediately went to the tattoo parlor with a request to fill his name on her back.


@..ashlyn.grace Reply to @jennaquinoness his mom texts me sometimes to make sure i haven’t covered it yet #KFCSecretMenuHacks #SaveIt4TheEndZone #foryou #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound – ashlyn grace

And not just a small inscription, but large vertically arranged letters. But the feelings were not as strong as they seemed, and a week later the couple broke up. But the tattoo remained.

When Ashlyn showed it to her followers on TikTok, a wave of shock swept through the comments. But, at the same time, the video brought her some popularity. It was viewed by 9 million users.

Sympathetic subscribers even advised the girl to finalize the tattoo by adding something else to the name. After all, getting rid of it will be quite difficult.

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